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Practice AreasLabor Law
Practice AreasLabor Law

Labor Law

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Whether your company currently employs unionized workers, has concerns that your workforce may be organizing a union, or wants to ensure that your non-unionized workplace policies comply with labor law, Zashin & Rich can provide cutting-edge counsel. The firm’s Labor Group attorneys have years of experience advising and representing private and public sector employers, both with and without unionized workforces, on how to best avoid liability, preserve management control, and develop mutually-beneficial labor relations with their employees.

Zashin & Rich’s Labor Group’s expertise extends into many areas including:

  • Collective Bargaining: The attorneys in Zashin & Rich’s Labor Group have successfully negotiated hundreds of collective bargaining agreements for private and public sector employers including first-time agreements, successor agreements, and mid-term concessions.
  • Strikes: The Labor Group’s attorneys have years of experience in advising clients on how to prepare for, weather, and prevail in the event of a strike, slowdown, or walkout. Our attorneys counsel employers on maintaining operations during a strike, replacing striking employees, preserving and enhancing facility security, and responding to picket line misconduct. When necessary, Zashin & Rich also represents clients in seeking injunctive relief through courts or administrative agencies to maintain operations and preserve facility security.
  • Union Avoidance: The firm’s Labor Group regularly provides counsel on legal measures clients can take to identify warning signs of union campaigns, train supervisors to avoid organization, respond to the initial signs of an organizing campaign, and advise employees about the realities of unionization. Zashin & Rich also advises large and small clients regarding effective and lawful responses to corporate campaigns and union-backed boycotts.
  • Representation Matters: Zashin & Rich regularly represents clients when a union files a representation matter with the National Labor Relations Board or a state administrative agency. Labor Group attorneys work with employers to develop strategies to defeat representation drives administratively and, when necessary, to provide employees with the information that will result in a vote for “no union.”
  • Unfair Labor Practice Charges: Whether before the National Labor Relations Board or a state labor relations board, Zashin & Rich routinely and aggressively defends employers against unfair labor practice charges by employing legal strategies best suited to the employer’s goals.
  • Grievance Arbitrations: From discipline and discharge issues to interpretation of collective bargaining agreements, employers often need to litigate crucial issues in arbitration in order to protect and clarify their rights and maintain standards in the workplace. Zashin & Rich provides a full range of services including advice during the grievance/disciplinary process, advocacy at arbitration hearings and, when appropriate, appeal of arbitration decisions to court.
  • Labor Law Compliant Policies: The National Labor Relations Board has begun to find common workplace practices and policies, especially those involving non-unionized workforces, violate employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act. Zashin & Rich regularly counsels clients to develop policies and practices, including employee handbooks, which allow employers to operate their businesses efficiently and maintain effective workplace rules without running afoul of traditional labor law.

For more information about Zashin & Rich’s Labor Group, please contact Jon Dileno ( at 216.696.4441.