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Practice AreasBusiness Law
Practice AreasBusiness Law

Business Law

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Zashin & Rich has extensive experience in corporate law, business litigation, and real estate matters. The firm represents small to large businesses including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietors. Business litigation services include shareholder disputes, contract claims, corporate collection matters, trade secret disclosures, non-compete violations, and franchisee/franchisor agreements. Zashin & Rich provides clients with a complete range of litigation capabilities, strategies, and resolution mechanisms. With broad experience and technical expertise, Zashin & Rich's attorneys have the credentials and resources to advise and handle large, complex, and difficult matters. The firm offers clients aggressive prosecution and defense of their interests and a cost-effective approach to preliminary investigations, discovery, trial, and appellate proceedings.

In addition, Zashin & Rich counsels clients in the selection of the appropriate type of entity for new and existing concerns. The firm has structured client enterprises as S and C corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships. Furthermore, the firm represents its clients in purchases, sales, mergers, and acquisitions. In this regard, Zashin & Rich works closely with accountants and economists to determine entity valuation and the structure of transactions. The firm has successfully worked with business owners to forge shareholder agreements and to terminate shareholder relationships when necessary.

Zashin & Rich also counsels businesses and individuals on real estate related matters. The firm handles matters including:

  • the purchase and sale of property;
  • leases for industrial, commercial, and residential property;
  • eviction actions;
  • negotiations with contractors;
  • preparation and filing of mechanics liens;
  • preparation of easements;
  • defense of appropriation actions;
  • filing and defense of foreclosure, partition, and quiet title actions; and
  • property reappraisal for tax purposes.

For more information about the Business Law Group, please contact Jonathan Rich ( at 216.696.4441.